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Mauri….welcome to Kiribati and Kiribati Horizons, your leading tour and hospitality partner in Kiribati!

Kiribati Horizons is an inbound tourism operator based in Betio on South Tarawa. Its main line of business includes facilitating travel and tourism bookings, tour and activity bookings, accommodation, diving, car rentals and inter-island travel within Kiribati.

Kiribati Horizons has developed its own tours and activities on a monthly basis as listed below. Alternatively, we can tailor-make an entire trip, or components of it, including all travel, accommodation, tour arrangements and specialist guides for you on request.

We are pleased to offer you our valued customers locally and from abroad the following activities:

Weekend Fishing Competition, 5:00am–4:00pm
Fish the “Monthly Betio Game Fishing Club” tournament. Call Kiribati Horizons and secure a place on “Belinda E”. We want you to bring luck to our boat. This is an event for serious fishos. $250 gets you 11 hrs on the water, 9 fishing, light breakfast, lunch & water, a fishing certificate signed by the Commodore of the BGFC, a BGFC key tag, and a 1-year BGFC membership. A minimum of 6 fishermen/fisherwomen required. We will do our utmost to ensure that every fisherman/fisherwoman catches a fish. Call 26136 or 90440 for more details.

Friday-Sunday – Ouba Special, 4:00pm
Tranquil turquoise waters, snorkelling in a clean, clear, colourful wonderland, generous meals made from the freshest of local produce. Sounds good..? It's called Ouba Islet Resort..! Kiribati Horizons is offering a unique 2-nights weekend getaway package to Ouba which includes transfers, accommodation, meals, snorkelling around Ouba and neighbouring Manra and Ekee islands, and a trip to Taete island to swim and lunch on the island. Price: $300.00 per couple; $200 per single. Maximum number of people is 4 couples or 8 singles or a combination of couples and singles but not exceeding 8 people. Boat departs Betio wharf at 4:00 pm Friday afternoon. Call 26136 or 90440 now for more details and make your booking.

Sunday – 'Sizzle on the Bridge', 7:00am–5:00pm
Are there any special places on North Tarawa? Broken Bridge is a gorgeous spot it has to be the most beautiful place in Nth. Tarawa. Come and join us on our Lagoon Cruise and our ‘Sizzle on the Bridge' trip. Price: $85.00 per person (incl. lagoon cruise, BBQ, swimming, snorkelling, and having a great time!) Just bring your towel and Sun Block cream, we'll do the rest! Boat departs Betio wharf 7:00am and calls at Bairiki wharf and Otintaai Hotel enroute. Minimum number is 8 people. Call 26136 or 90440 to book your place.

Sunday Swim - Bikeman Sandbar, 3:00pm-6:00pm
Where else can you experience the past present and future all at one time? Once the proud icon in the middle of Tarawa lagoon Bikemaan island is now a mere sandbar. Come with us on a nostalgic journey where you can walk the sandbar or swim around this disappearing spectacle. Beer and wine will be available to drink and reflect on the fragility of our island home. Snacks are complimentary. Price: $50 per person. Boat departs Betio wharf at 3:00pm on Sunday afternoon and calls at Bairiki wharf before going to Bikeman. Minimum number is 8 people. Call 26136 or 90440 now for more details and book your name and your friends as well.

Kiribati Horizons welcomes bookings from you and your friends. If you are interested in going out to Ouba Islet Resort, or anywhere else in Kiribati give us a call. We can provide your own private getaway/hideaway holiday Call us on 26136 or 90440.

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